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Havana Lodge is your ideal starting point to explore Havana, thanks to a privileged location where everything is close and easy to find.

A little history.

Centro Habana Municipality Located between Old Havana and the modern area of Havana City, is the smallest of the territories of Havana and the most densely populated. It is an eminently commercial municipality, originally linked to the extramural expansion as well as perfume industries and cigar. We invite you to discover its streets, with peculiar names and stories: Dragones (Dragons), Reina (Queen), Prado (Meadow), and BelascoaĆ­n. You will find on your way numberless buildings of historical and architectural value, museums, cultural and shopping centers as well as printers of past centuries that still work. In Centro Habana live together some of the most emblematic elements of the city: the Capitol, Paseo del Prado Avenue and El Malecon Habanero (Havana Seafront Avenue). Cultures of Hispanic origin have their expression in different societies that those originally Hispanic as well as descendants keep it alive; similarly, societies settled in Chinatown since the late nineteenth century, have joined the mixture of Cuban customs called Ajiaco. This destination has traditionally been linked to the world of culture, cradle of vernacular theater, home of many artists and intellectuals such as Alejo Carpentier, Jose Lezama Lima, Nicolas Guillen and Fernando Ortiz. Fill up with the aroma of a cigar made in Centro Habana, enjoy the shade offered by the walk through its porches, admire its diverse architecture (sometimes battered, but awesome), live the intense daytime and nighttime activity as well as the cordial and very Cuban treatment of a centrohabanero (The one originally from Centro Habana) . Do not hesitate: stay in a Casa Particular (Private Lodging Facility) on your vacation, you will have the advantage of getting to know the heart of the capital city of Cuba.